Squash kill shot

In squash, it exists a perfect killing shot which is almost impossible to catch. It occurs when the ball hit an edge of the court. In this situation the ball exits at very low speed and rolls along the wall or the floor. With Caroline Cohen and Philippe Brunet, we reproduced and studied this effect in our laboratory. A plexiglas corner, a slingshot, a hot squash ball and a high speed camera were used to carry on these experiments. We have done many tries before succeeding to observe the perfect killing shot !

One notices the drastic diminution of the ball velocity after impact and its large change in direction. We looked at the ball final speed and angle as a function of impacting parameters such as the initial speed, initial angle and distance to the corner. Also, the effect of the friction was considered by spreading oil in the corner. We deduced the conditions over which a perfect killing shot can occur. In order to understand our results, we are working with Akash GargPierre-Thomas Brun and Basile Audoly to develop computational simulations able to reproduce our experimental observations.

Links: World Crunch; Le Monde; Le Temps.

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